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ICHIRAN Take-Home Ramen Kit


Share the Joy of Ramen with the Gift from Santa Claus Set (5 Kit Set)

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Developed in Hakata, Japan, the noodles are truly a masterpiece with firm, smooth texture and rich flavor. 

The soup concentrate is an authentic, flavorful tonkotsu broth full of umami flavors.

For a touch of spice, add ICHIRAN’s Original Spicy Seasoning to your ramen. 

Each kit comes with three (3) servings of individually packed noodles, soup concentrate, and Original Spicy Red Seasoning.

Product Information

Servings 3 per kit
  • Soup Concentrate 1.9 oz / 53 g (3 packs)
  • Hakata Noodles 2.6 oz / 75 g (3 packs)
  • Original Spicy Red Seasoning 0.4 oz / 1 g (3 packs)
  • Soup Concentrate: Wheat, pork, soy
  • Noodles (Dried) : Wheat
  • Original Spicy Red Seasoning : None

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Hakata Thin Straight Noodles

Our experienced noodle craftsmen use a special blend of rare flours to create a noodle that has excellent body and smoothness. Thanks to the characteristics of ICHIRAN's special blend, the water used to boil the noodles does not become cloudy, allowing you to better enjoy the taste of the soup.

Soup Concentrate

This is the tonkotsu (pork bone) soup that ICHIRAN's experts have spent years developing. The soup has a thick, savory taste without the particular aroma that is usually associated with tonkotsu. This refined soup concentrate was created thanks to the dedication of our craftsmen.

Original Spicy Red Seasoning

ICHIRAN's own unique seasoning is made from a wide variety of red peppers, each carefully selected for its flavor and quality. After several attempts at different combinations, we have created a perfect balance of spiciness to complement our ramen.




The New York Times Wrote :

“ICHIRAN, the ramen chain founded in Fukuoka, Japan, in 1960, is known not just for the quality of its tonkotsu broth, but also for its individual booths, allowing for sequestered slurping. That goes for one that just opened in the Times Square area at 152 West 49th Street. But now you can also slurp in the privacy of your home with their ramen kit. It contains three servings of noodles, dried broth base, and spice mix. Just add water, but consider bolstering the soup with chopped scallions, chunks of tofu, boiled egg, mushrooms, slivers of pork or chicken, and other ingredients.” —By Florence Fabricant

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  • Very good ramen

    Posted by Eddie K on Sep 24th 2020

    I went to Ichiran ramen quite often during my last trip to Tokyo. I loved it so much that it is now my gold standard. I was so happy to see they sell this online in the US. Ever since Covid-19, I've ordered 12 take home kits. My family loves them! I add green onions, some garlic, whatever meat I have on hand (shabu shabu cuts are great for this) and egg (the ones that are peeled and ready from grocery stores work if in a hurry). It is a little expensive, but so worth it.

  • Posted by Maria on Sep 22nd 2020


    This is the next best thing to going to Ichiran! Every bite/sip is heavenly! Yummm!

  • ramen kit

    Posted by Gabriel Kaykee Alimon on Sep 4th 2020

    When I first ordered it took 3weeks to deliver, and on my 2nd order it was faster and it took 4days after I place an order. Best flavor, its like Im in ICHIRAN with the most delicious broth and firm noodles. Will def buy again!

  • Amazing product!

    Posted by Ellen Huang on Aug 5th 2020

    Wow we're totally impressed with the flavor of this Ramen!!! This is not like your instant noodle/ramen, the soup base is legitimately delicious and noodles are excellent as well. Highly recommend!! Worth the price for sure!

  • Took me back to Japan

    Posted by Corwin on Jul 9th 2020

    I had Ichiran Ramen while staying in Ikebukuro on vacation in Tokyo and it was one of the best bowls of ramen I had ever had. The ramen from this kit was very similar, the flavors took me back to that great trip. I wish that the red seasoning were in a paste form like you see in the picture & what is served in the restaurant; but the powder form they provide gives the same great flavor and kick. I bought a couple of boxes and I'm looking forward to having this again.

  • Great Taste

    Posted by Samantha G on May 14th 2020

    Obviously not as good as the original but very close, just far too expensive to get delivered again especially with the cost of shipping going up

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ICHIRAN [OFFICIAL](@ichiran_ny)がシェアした投稿 -


ICHIRAN [OFFICIAL](@ichiran_ny)がシェアした投稿 -


ICHIRAN [OFFICIAL](@ichiran_ny)がシェアした投稿 -





Rated #1 Ramen Brand
in Japan



John Turturro sitting in Ichiran ramen AK sitting at Ichiran ramen

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  • 2
    Great taste but check product dates

    Posted by Claire on Dec 1st 2020

    Our family looves Ichiran and having these kits were convenient especially during covid. They had a promo few days ago for

  • 2
    Great taste but check product dates

    Posted by CC on Dec 1st 2020

    Our family looves Ichiran and having these kits were convenient especially during covid. They had a promo few weeks ago for Ramen kits and I bought the 15boxes kit that was on promo so I can stock up on it. I was surprised to see that the expiration dates for ALL boxes were in Feb 2021! These kits doesnt come cheap either.

  • 4

    Posted by Jared on Nov 18th 2020

    I thought the noodles were fantastic but the broth seemed to seem better in the little baggy then when it was a soup still was good and the pepper bags aren’t really anything special tbh but it was really good ramen

  • 3
    it's ok

    Posted by David Chiang on Nov 13th 2020

    So I didnt realize this is only 3 servings. Which brings it to almost 10$ a bowl. While the Japanese version is 6 servings per box. Almost half the price. This is my first gripe. My second gripe is that it's not as good as the Japanese Version. There's a missing component that gives the Japanese version a thickness (maybe pork fat?). I'm not buying anymore of the American Version. It literally makes more sense for me to try and get it from Zen Market or other japan to usa services. I would get more noodles for my money. Please fix this.

  • 5
    Amazing like always.

    Posted by Ahaggar on Oct 20th 2020

    Well this is my second time buying this ichiran ramen packs. And i simply love it. It's like you are back again in Japan! Tastes so good and so alike. This time i got more than one pack. So i really recommend getting this ichiran take-home ramen kit! As always!! Thanks for the amazing flavors within.

  • 5
    Better than many restaurants

    Posted by Mary on Oct 15th 2020

    You may think that $9.67 for instant ramen is a rip off, but you would be wrong. This is better than most restaurant ramen: flavorful broth that isn’t straight up salty, and noodles with a great texture. I haven’t finished the broth in my ramen bowl in a long time but this stuff is totally worth it especially if you’re stuck with Take-out right now. Can’t wait to try it with some toppings.

  • 5
    Best Ramen ever!

    Posted by Scarlet on Oct 7th 2020

    I got and cooked some thin pork chops, sliced them up and it was very delicious with the ramen. Easy and fast to cook! Loved every sip!

  • 1
    Not received

    Posted by Branden Wegner on Sep 30th 2020

    I haven’t received my order. Tracking says it has been 9 days in transit without any updates for 5 days.

  • 5
    A+ Ramen & Customer Service!

    Posted by Kathryn on Sep 25th 2020

    This take-home kit is so good - the broth and noodles can't be beat! Adding toppings (spinach, corn, green onions, some pork, etc) is quick and amps up the deliciousness. The quality of the kits are always consistent & amazing - I prefer to only buy Ichiran products here (vs Amazon) because I know it's authentic, I can support the brand, and the customer service is great. Want to give a shout-out to Annie, who recently provided me with amazing customer service! Had an issue with the shipping of my latest kit and she was so helpful and quick to respond. Thank you Ichiran Team for providing great ramen and customer service! :)


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